Best Alcoholic Rehabilitation Treatment Center in Desert Center California

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a chronic disease that can be cured with good follow-up. At Crystal Hope Medical, we offer faith based holistic treatment. We treat drug and alcohol addicts of all ages with tailored treatment programs that are crucial in ensuring successful recovery and healthy living after the treatment. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol or know someone fighting with the problem, you can visit us or contact us for consultation so that we can put you in our treatment program. Our treatment includes medical and mental health services plus a range of care that will help you stop using addictive substances and alcohol use for a healthy and productive living.

Our treatment program involves five major steps which include:

1. Detoxification

If you are exposed to drug use or alcohol abuse over a long time, you will most likely have addiction because these substances have high concentrations in your system which in turn affects your health. Detoxification is the first step in our recovery program that we give you. This is a medical process that helps your body get rid of the drug. Detoxification doesn’t mean that you are fully recovered as you may still have cravings for alcohol or substance use. We give our patients medications to help manage withdrawal symptoms.

2. Behavioral counseling

Extreme alcohol and substance dependence has negative effects on the functioning of the brain. The brain controls many body functions including our behavior. Unfortunately, if you have addiction, you may lose the power over your behavior. This may affect your personal and public life. Here at Crystal Hope Medical, we have several therapists, counselors, pastors and psychiatrists who use their professional skills to help you improve on your behavior and attitude.

3. Medication

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is characterized by an irresistible endeavor to find and use drugs or alcohol despite the associated effect on the brain and general health. During the detoxification phase, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. We will administer medications to help suppress these withdrawal symptoms. We also use medications to prevent relapse, reduce cravings and help you re-establish proper brain function. Some of the medications we use are for treatment of opioid (heroin, prescription pain killers), alcohol addiction and tobacco. In situations where the patient has been using more than one drug, we give them treatment for all of the substances that they have been using.

Our nursing support for drug and alcohol addiction is around the clock. We offer partial hospitalization, residential inpatient care and intensive outpatient care depending on your situation.

4. Evaluation and treatment

It is common for drug and alcohol addicts to have other conditions related to the addiction problem. We offer treatment for trauma related to drug addiction such as anxiety and depression.

5. Long-term follow-up

To prevent relapse, we offer long-term follow-up to ensure that you are recover without depending on alcohol or drugs.

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that you should seek treatment for. At Crystal Hope, we offer holistic care plus a tailored treatment program to help you achieve sobriety during and after treatment.