Service Model

A basic and fundamental tenet underlying Crystal Hope Medical Services, Inc. outpatient drug and alcohol program is that all people are capable of change including those with chemical dependency problems. We base our counseling program on the realization that drug addiction exerts life changing and dramatically destructive consequences in many areas of the addict’s life. These destructive consequences can, to a varying degree, be reversed or repaired when appropriate treatment is delivered. We are here to provide HOPE for a new life.

Our goal at Crystal Hope Medical Services, Inc. (CHMS) is Total Abstinence from Drugs and Alcohol. We  believe that any successful treatment must be tailored to each client’s individual circumstance(s). Hence we employ a range of necessary treatment modalities that include individual, group and family counseling, and other rehabilitative services. Through our balanced counseling program, which emphasizes support, respect, encouragement, responsibility, creativity and guidance we can effectively assist our clients to achieve long-term sobriety.